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Welson Tremura - musicologist, guitarist and singer


welson about

Welson Tremura (musicologist – guitarist – singer) is a Ph.D. in musicology-ethnomusicology from Florida State University and currently serve as a Professor in the School of Music and the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida. Dr. Tremura’s main research focuses on music and religion as expressed on folk Catholicism traditions of folia de reis or the Three Kings celebration in Brazil. (See Research Statement) Additional research areas include the use of digital technology in performance and global technology and the inclusion of world music as a core discipline and collaborative method for composition and performance. Combining his classical guitar and his voice, Dr. Tremura’s triumphant performances include concert halls in the USA, such as the Carnegie Hall in New York City and DeBartolo Performing Arts Center in Notre Dame, Indiana. Internationally Dr. Tremura maintains an active performance and academic schedule and has performed and given lectures in Brazil, China, Mexico, Guatemala, United States, India, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. Dr. Tremura has been consistently praised by music critics and audiences for his interpretation of the most acclaimed bossa nova songs and his own guitar compositions. (See Artist Brochure)

Combining performance and research, Dr. Tremura’s academic assignments includes a series of projects to expand music and performance scholarship, to create opportunities for students, faculty, and artists to collaborate nationally and internationally. An important dimension of his academic career has been devoted to building collaborative relationships between various units at the University of Florida to create new and unique programs to facilitate interdisciplinary projects, such as composing music to foster creativity and innovation over the internet. A much large collection of artistic and collaborative videos from Dr. Tremura’s can be seen on his YouTube and Vimeo channels, which combined have more than 4 million hits.

Dr. Tremura’s Brazilian Music Institute (BMI)  is a unique program in teaching and performing Brazilian music in an academic environment. Every year during the month of May the Institute attracts students, faculty, and international artists from Brazil and the USA to collaborate on a weeklong series of master classes and workshops. The Institute values artistic excellence and commitment to the music and culture of Brazil. Through group lessons in Brazilian instrumental and vocal repertoires, the Institute prepares selected participants to perform in the event’s concluding concert. At the University of Florida, Dr. Tremura teaches various courses in ethnomusicology, applied fieldwork, music and identity, Latin American music, and world music. Furthermore, he also teaches Brazilian guitar and vocal repertoires, and directs the World Music Ensembles. Dr. Tremura is the director for the instrumental ensemble Jacaré Choro  dedicated to the performance of Brazilian traditional instrumental music, and is the co-director for the University’s Brazilian music ensemble Jacaré Brazil. Most recently Dr. Tremura has expanded his professional activities by founding the Alachua Guitar Quartet, a classical guitar ensemble devoted to highest level of expression and artistic commitment to perform Latin American classical guitar repertoires.

Dr. Tremura’s additional academic training and professional experience also include legal and business consulting. He has served as business manager and business consultant for several international businesses, including planning and launching new manufacturing facilities, overseeing comprehensive plant activities, and promoting international business development in the US, Europe, and Latin America. Dr. Tremura’s engaging personality and high commitment to high standards can be seen in his consulting website.

For more information about Welson Tremura, download the following files:

C.V.BioArtist BrochureTeaching PhilosophyResearch StatementPreludio • Supporting documentsConcerts and Programs



Prelude No.1
by Welson Tremura

O Bem Amado by Toquinho and Vinicius de Moraes

Eu te Amo

by Tom Jobim & Chico Buarque

Acalanto de Cordas by Welson Tremura

Choro Chorado
by Toquinho

Santa Morena

by Jacob do Bandolim

Bachianinha No.1 by Paulinho Nogueira

by Astor Piazzolla

Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 and Los Hermanos by Heitor Villa Lobos & Atahualpa Yupanqui


Manhã de Carnaval by Luis Bonfá

Tema de São Paulo by Billy Blanco

Maria Maria by Milton Nascimento

Sinfonia Paulistana
by Billy Blanco

Na Baixa do Sapateiro by Ary Barroso

Senhorinha by Guinga &Paulo César Pinheiro

instrumental & vocal

Internet Compositions
by Welson Tremura

Atrás da Porta by Chico Buarque & Francis Hime

by Bruno Martino

Bolinha de Papel
by Geraldo Pereira

Samba de Uma Nota Só by Tom Jobim & Newton Mendonça

O Samba da Minha Terra
by Dorival Caymmi


Reflexões sobre a Bossa Nova, um Estilo Musical Eterno

O Brasil teve uma história singular de miscigenação, que levou o povo brasileiro a uma jornada incessante em busca de uma identidade cultural e musical comum. Esse é um processo onde as experiências culturais e a assimilação social prosperam,...


A Música Brasileira: Experiência e Aprendizagem no Exterior

This presentation discusses the practice of Brazilian music on an academic environment, and how it can assist in building a music program through the integration of students, teachers and members of a local community.


Reflections on Bossa Nova, An Ageless Musical Style

It has been a little over fifty years since “Bossa Nova” was noticed and recognized as Brazilian music. While, there are many discussions of how Brazil appropriated this musical style, everyone agrees it has made a great impact in the global community.

DOWNLOAD - Lecture

A música caipira e o verso sagrado na folia de reis

This paper discusses the Christian values found in the lyrics of the toadas or melodies in the folia de reis tradition and its relationship with the música caipira or country music. In the development of the folia de reis tradition...


A Influência Africana na Música Brasileira: Samba

Apesar da forte influencia que a herança afro-brasileira exerce em nós, pouco sabemos da sua extensa contribuição para a cultura brasileira. Sem dúvida, o samba é o estilo e gênero musical mais popular de sempre produzido para o carnaval no Brasil.


Jacaré: Participatory Experience and the Growing Significance of Brazilian Music in Education

Assuming that musical knowledge is often exchanged at different levels of understanding and assimilation, the function and importance of non-traditional ensembles, or so called world music ensembles are often justified


Traditional Music in the Age of Global Technology

Traditional Music in the Age of Global Technology is a virtual project proposing the discussion of traditional music in Rio de Janeiro and São José do Rio Preto (Brazil), Monterrey (Mexico), and Tampa (USA).


African Influence in Brazilian Music: Samba

Although we are strongly influenced by Afro-Brazilian heritage, we know very little about their extensive contribution to Brazilian culture. Without question, samba is the most popular musical style and genre ever produced for carnaval in Brazil.

DOWNLOAD - Lecture

Cantem e Dancem... Chegou o Jacaré: A música brasileira e a integração Brasil/Estados Unidos no Currículo de uma Universidade Norte-Americana

Este trabalho discute a música brasileira como elemento de interação e integração de estudantes, professores, e membros de uma comunidade local na formação do programa de música da “University of Florida” nos Estados Unidos.


The Development of the Brazilian Country Music and its Relationship with Folia de Reis1 in Defining Rural Identity

This paper discusses the social and historical facts related to the development of caipira and sertaneja musical genres and its association to the folia de reis tradition in Brazil. The development of country music...


European Iconography: Magi and the Brazilian folia de reis


The folia de reis is a folk Catholic tradition in Brazil aimed at celebrating the adoration of baby Jesus by the Three Kings Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar is celebrated.






Brazilian Folia De Reis: With An Open Heart: A Spiritual Journey Through Song

The folia de reis is a popular Brazilian tradition of folk Catholicism that involves a group of participants who, between Christmas and Ephiphany, go in a journey asking for alms for social-religious purposes. The tradition refers to musical ensembles comprising predominantly low-income rural workers from various regions of Brazil. Instrumentalists, singers, and other participants travel from house to house and farm to farm, singing and praising the birth pf Christ. The folia de reis celebrates and renacts the Biblical journey of the Three Kings to Bethlehem. The folia de reis under investigation in my research is a tradition that traces its origins back to colonial Brazil and to the Iberian Peninsula. As groups travel from Christmas Eve through Epiphany (January 6), their singing journey blesses the families, which they visit in exchange for food or money. Often classified as "popular Catholicism" (Catholic ritual practice external to the interests of the Catholic Church), the folia de reis is quite widely diffused in the southern, central, and northern regions of Brazil.

Welson Tremura


Acalanto De Cordas by Welson Tremura

Guitar piece written for steel string guitar

Meditação by Tom Jobim & Newton Mendonça

Guitar and Vocal piece with the special solo participation of Gary Langford on flugelhorn and Julio Cesar de Figueiredo, piano

by Tom Jobim

Vocal piece recorded with Keith McCutchen, piano and Todd Wright, saxophone

Beatriz by Edu Lobo & Chico Buarque

Guitar and vocal piece recorded with the Ahn Trio (violin, cello, and piano)

Manhã de Carnaval
by Luis Bonfá

Vocal piece recorded with Cesar Camargo Mariano, piano

Pra Dizer Adeus by Edu Lobo & Torquato Neto

Guitar and vocal piece recorded with the Ahn Trio (violin, cello, and piano)

Canto Triste by Edu Lobo & Vinicius de Moraes

Guitar and vocal piece recorded with the Ahn Trio (violin, cello, and piano)

Chovendo Na Roseira
by Tom Jobim

Guitar and vocal piece recorded with Keith McCutchen, piano and Todd Wright, saxophone

Los Hermanos
by Atahualpa Yupanqui

Guitar and vocal piece recorded with Gilberto de Paz

A Paz by Gilberto Gil & João Donato

Guitar and vocal piece recorded with The California Guitar Trio

Influência do Jazz
by Carlos Lyra

Guitar and vocal piece with guitarist Alan Hightman

Valsa Brasileira by
C. Buarque & Edu Lobo

Guitar and vocal piece recorded with the Ahn Trio (violin, cello, and piano)

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