welson smileWelson Tremura (musicologist – guitarist – singer) is a Ph.D. in musicology-ethnomusicology from Florida State University and currently serve as a Professor in the School of Music and the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida. Dr. Tremura’s main research focuses on music and religion as expressed on folk Catholicism traditions of folia de reis or the Three Kings celebration in Brazil. (See Research Statement) Additional research areas include the use of digital technology in performance and global technology and the inclusion of world music as a core discipline and collaborative method for composition and performance. Combining his classical guitar and his voice, Dr. Tremura’s triumphant performances include concert halls in the USA, such as the Carnegie Hall in New York City and DeBartolo Performing Arts Center in Notre Dame, Indiana. Internationally Dr. Tremura maintains an active performance and academic schedule and has performed and given lectures in Brazil, China, Mexico, Guatemala, United States, India, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. Dr. Tremura has been consistently praised by music critics and audiences for his interpretation of the most acclaimed bossa nova songs and his own guitar compositions. (See Artist Brochure) Dr. Tremura is currently collaborating with the world renowned trumpetist Dr. Randy Lee (see more).

Combining performance and research, Dr. Tremura’s academic assignments includes a series of projects to expand music and performance scholarship, to create opportunities for students, faculty, and artists to collaborate nationally and internationally. An important dimension of his academic career has been devoted to building collaborative relationships between various units at the University of Florida to create new and unique programs to facilitate interdisciplinary projects, such as composing music to foster creativity and innovation over the internet. A much large collection of artistic and collaborative videos from Dr. Tremura’s can be seen on his YouTube and Vimeo channels, which combined have more than 4 million hits.

Dr. Tremura’s Brazilian Music Institute (BMI) is a unique program in teaching and performing Brazilian music in an academic environment. Every year during the month of May the Institute attracts students, faculty, and international artists from Brazil and the USA to collaborate on a weeklong series of master classes and workshops. The Institute values artistic excellence and commitment to the music and culture of Brazil. Through group lessons in Brazilian instrumental and vocal repertoires, the Institute prepares selected participants to perform in the event’s concluding concert. At the University of Florida, Dr. Tremura teaches various courses in ethnomusicology, applied fieldwork, music and identity, Latin American music, and world music. Furthermore, he also teaches Brazilian guitar and vocal repertoires, and directs the World Music Ensembles. Dr. Tremura is the director for the instrumental ensemble Jacaré Choro dedicated to the performance of Brazilian traditional instrumental music, and is the co-director for the University’s Brazilian music ensemble Jacaré Brazil. Most recently Dr. Tremura has expanded his professional activities by founding the Alachua Guitar Quartet, a classical guitar ensemble devoted to highest level of expression and artistic commitment to perform Latin American classical guitar repertoires.

Dr. Tremura’s additional academic training and professional experience also include legal and business consulting. He has served as business manager and business consultant for several international businesses, including planning and launching new manufacturing facilities, overseeing comprehensive plant activities, and promoting international business development in the US, Europe, and Latin America. Dr. Tremura’s engaging personality and high commitment to high standards can be seen in his consulting website.

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Ph.D. in Musicology-Ethnomusicology May 2004
Dissertation Title: With an Open Heart: Folia de Reis, a Brazilian Spiritual Journey through Song


Master of Music, Vocal Performance, May 1991
Research and Performance: Bach, Haydn, Menotti, and Ravel: An essay of Four Contrasting Works

Bachelor of Science, Music/Liberal Arts, May 1989

RIOPRETENSE COLLEGE OF LAW, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil

Bachelor of Judicial Social Sciences and Law, January 1985

  • Musicology and ethnomusicology; Research specialization: Latin American Music, World Music Cultures, Music and Religion, Music and Politics, Digital Technology in Arts Education, Pedagogy of World Music in Higher Education
  • Guitar and Voice Studies
  • Portuguese Language; culture, politics, music, and identity research
  • Performer and artist in vocal and guitar repertoires of Latin America (classical, folk, popular) with emphasis on Brazilian music
  • Genearal manager with track record of success in implementing new business and international
  • Leadership in strategically planning and training of employees (team work)
  • Experience in launching high tech product as a Tear 1 supplier for OEM Industry
  • Legal advisor and negotiator with experience in reducing costs of operation
  • Project manager diligently executing tasks and following strict timelines for launching new products

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, Gainesville, Florida (2001 – Present)

An academic research institution with 50K+ students and 150+ research centers and institutes.
Professor and Institute’s Director

Design and deliver courses on Latin American culture and music to ~200 undergraduate and graduate students annually. Liaise between School of Music and Center for Latin American Studies to enhance collaboration and expand curriculum. Teach research couses in methodoly and fieldwork in ethnomusicology, Latin American music, Brazilian music and politics, Brazilian and classical guitar, direct Jacaré Brazil and Jacaré Choro (vocal and instrumental ensembles), direct UF Guitar Ensemble, and coordinate resident artist program. Create innovative curriculum and assist with academic strategic planning and community outreach to strengthen university’s internationalization. Spearhead management of study abroad program. Interface frequently with deans, boards, foundations, trustees, and other major stakeholders. Identify and pursue funding sources for new research and development initiatives. Extensive and diverse experience in administrating and implementing new curricular activities, and programs to meet the needs of a broad range of students. Introduced hands-on tools assisting students in using computer technology for international projects (music and technology). Teach a full academic curriculum and assist the College in implementing its international and diversity programs, including faculty recruitment, curriculum development, and special events planning.

PEP-L (Precision Engine Products Ltda.) Curitiba, PR (1997 - 2000)

A manufacturing firm producing hydraulic lash adjusters for engines, with 40 employees.
General & Commercial Manager

Spearheaded migration of manufacturing facility from U.S. to Brazil, including full assembly line and operational process. Oversaw comprehensive operational activities to ensure outstanding production of high-precision engine components. Served as company representative among key stakeholders including federal, state, and local governments. Built superior teams by hiring suppliers, sub-suppliers, and employees. Coordinated international manufacturing activities by managing biweekly meetings with U.S.-based technical center and Brazil-based operation. Improved team skills by delivering extensive quality training. Liaised regularly among engineers and suppliers. Led 15 engineers in product development.

  • Played key role in launching Brazil-based plant by overseeing site construction, securing required licenses, and sourcing sub-suppliers, aluminum foundries, and retreat and steel plants; educated U.S. executives on cultural nuances
  • Completed overseas launch on-time; enabled DaimlerChrysler to achieve on-time engine plant launch
  • Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by advising CEO to build independent plant rather than houseplant within another manufacturing group – a proven disastrous strategy
  • Achieved significant cost savings by reducing number of contracting agencies, negotiating with suppliers, and leveraging tax benefits;
  • Strengthened competitiveness by identifying new aluminum casting supplier and machining services
  • Reduced operations cost by minimizing contracting agencies
  • Negotiated with supplier’s alternatives to reduce costs and found new opportunities to increase competitiveness including finding a new aluminum casting supplier, and machining services
  • Direct operations accountability and the use of tax benefits to reduce expenses, increasing the company’s capital asset during the early stages production
  • Developed and delivered training to employees, increasing knowledge and awareness of quality issues
  • Installed telecommunication line to link computer equipment between the USA and Brazil
  • Conducted engineering meetings and act as technical liaison between suppliers
  • Prepared environmental studies to plant operation
  • Maintained emphasis on quality in a fast-paced environment
  • PSO and PPAP for new manufacturing plant


STANADYNE AUTOMOTIVE, Tallahassee, FL (1996 – 1997)

An engineering firm specializing in high-tech engine products and auto industry services, with 250 employees.
Brazil Development Consultant

Provide many facets of expertise toward the expansion of this automotive supply company to a location in Brazil. Chrysler, Ford, Fiat, GM, and many European and Asian manufacturers use the company’s products. Serve as company’s liaison to facilitate development of Mercosur market and globalization of business in the Americas. Consult on points of law, language, politics, culture, travel, sales and marketing.

  • Conducted procurement for dozens of suppliers for aluminum casting and engine components (roller balls, shaft, and small plastic components)
  • Produced a daily newsletter to company management, detailing current events in Brazil and benchmarking
  • Translated technical legislation to study the best scenario for business start-up
  • Initiated, prepared, and assisted management in business plan to expansion and to contract new businesses in Argentina and Brazil
  • Monitoring and verifying all documentation concerning quality and validation of process with the auto industry, specially PSO (Process Sign Off), APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning), QS 9000 compliance, Kaizen techniques and other systems to increase productivity

FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tallahassee, Florida (1993-1997)

Assistant Music Instructor

World Music Cultures, Sight Singing & Ear Training I & II

Music in Western Cultures - A class that covers various styles in music from Baroque to Romantic

ROANE STATE COMMUNITY, Harriman, Tennessee (1991-1992)

Assistant Professor

Taught classes in music theory, music history, music appreciation, and ear training courses. Responsibilities include: music curriculum planning and development; research on various music theory methodologies; recruitment for music department

DO PRADO LAW OFFICES, São José do Rio Preto, Brazil (1983 – 1985)

Attorney of Law

Developing and managing investment programs for US investors in Brazil. Writing and creating a new design for “Greenfield Projects in Brazil”. Researched and investigated civil, tributary and tax laws. Observed and reported on civil sessions, criminal sessions, work sessions, juridical proceedings, visits, appeals, jurisprudence and society constituted acts. Reviewed the diversified approach required and used by the legal system in Brazil to write documents better suited to resolving social conflicts


I currently serve as Professor and Director for the Brazilian Music Institute in the School of Music, College of the Arts, and Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida. Previously in graduate school, I was the founding director for the Brazilian Ensemble (Samba Oba) at Florida State University, and choral director and assistant professor at Roane State Community College in Harriman, Tennessee. During my graduate work in Tennessee I performed, recruited, and organized major outreach efforts with the Knoxville Opera Company and the graduate program at the University of Tennessee, and performed with the Church Street Methodist and First Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, Tennessee

At the University of Florida I am currently the chair of the faculty council for the College of the Arts and previously was the faculty team player for the development and the “Internationalizing the Curriculum” as part of the continuing effort to meet UF's strategic goal of internationalizing the campus and curriculum with UF International Center (UFIC). I created and coordinated a Latin American culture study abroad program. I developed an international program and the course HUM 4956: World Music Cultures “Investigation of music as a social and aesthetic activity and as an acoustic phenomenon” to provide students with an opportunity to study music and culture in Latin America. The course was offered to traditional and non-traditional students during the summer. Throughout my academic career, I have had the opportunity of working with a variety of deans, boards of directors, foundation organizations, numerous university trustee organizations, and institutional aid departments.

Key Academic Tasks/Successes:

  • World Music Ensembles coordinator (2007 – 2019) Coordinating concerts and recruiting students to various concerts and events. A few performances sample at the end of this list
  • 2015 – 2017 Major grant winner with the Knight Foundation to bring the Brazilian Music Institute to South Florida in Collaboration with Broward College in Fort Lauderdale
  • Developing and coordinating the 2016 online performances for UF world music ensemble through collaborations and partnerships with the Digital World Institute and Kaufman School of Music in NYC (October 2016)
  • Visiting professor with the UIP-University Intensive Program at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China (Summer 2015 and 2016)
  • Developed a world music course to enhance the international study of Latin American music and culture in China
  • Former President for SEMSEC (Society for Ethnomusicology Southeastern and Caribbean Chapter) 2011-2012, and responsible to organize and execute the first SEMSEC meeting outside the USA at the Dominican Republic since its foundation
  • Presents his research in Portuguese with the Brazilian Society for Ethnomusicology (ABET), Latin American Studies Association (LASA), and Fundação Getúlio Vargas FGV, São Paulo (2012)
  • Secured budget for several research and developmental projects with the College of Fine Arts. The
    financial support was awarded by the University’s commitment to new research developments and interdisciplinary projects (2003-2011)
  • Coordinator for special performance event for “Visions of Bahia, Brazil.” A program and exhibition at Grinter Hall to commemorate Frances Switt and Ambassador Clarence Boonstra (2008)
  • Developed budget funding for the Music Institute Program whereby every year faculty and visiting artists teach students from outside the main campus and the community (2002-2008)
  • Judge for the Center for Latin American Studies Field Research Clinic. Discussion and review of
  • twenty to thirty projects presented by students in the Tropical Conservation and Development and masters in Latin American Studies programs (2006-2007)
  • Portuguese Task Force Committee Member (2006-2007)
  • University Strategic Plan Committee Member (2005-2006)
  • Core Faculty Member and Governance Structure member (2005)
  • Serving as member, Strategic Planning Task Force, representing academic interests and interests of deans (2003-2004)
  • Web Page Consultant for LABEP “The Latin American Business Environment Program” with the Center for Latin American Studies (2003)

As business manager (General and Commercial Manager) my managerial responsibilities were to lead a group of approximately fifteen engineers (mechanical / hydraulic / electrical) to develop a new “high precision” product manufactured in Curitiba. This product was part of the 1.6L engine development to supply the Mercosur and Europe. The group worked intensively with CTC (Chrysler Technical Center) in the USA to develop a product that could be self-sustained in Brazil. In 1999 I also took the responsibility of “Commercial Director” to negotiate purchase orders for casting, assembling, and selling to the customer and Mercosur markets. I also intermediated the “Duty Drawback Process with Chrysler

  • Negotiating and facilitating for the private sector to be involved in the development of highly technical product in Brazil;
  • Assuring that engineers in Brazil and the USA had a complete understanding of the “blue print”
    (AutoCad) requirements, including Allen Bradley operational systems for machinery and equipment;
  • Importing complete assembly line and its operational process from the USA;
  • Managing the construction and redesign of a facility to support the “rocker arm” assembly line. That included: bringing support from COPEL project (State of Paraná electrical company); permits and working licenses; fire marshal’s licenses; projects with the medical agencies responsible to insure preventive work and safety (PPRA / PCMSO), obtaining environmental licenses for disposals; product classification for export; getting import licenses and export legislation application; preparation, presentation, and follow-up of drawback processes with Banco do Brasil;
  • Preparing manufacturing facility for PSO (Process Sign Off), APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) and KTQC (Kaizen Total Quality Control) activities involving everyone in the company – managers and workers – in a totally systemic and integrated effort toward improving performance at every level
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