The Art of Music

“The Art of Music is a journey into the sonic world of two brilliant and sensitive musicians: Randy Lee (trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, and shaker) and Welson Tremura (guitar, voice, and whistle). Born from a love of artistic collaboration, Tremura and Lee developed the repertoire for this recording project during a series of European concert tours over the past few years featuring the interrelated artistic strands of several musical traditions (e.g., Western art music; Brazilian choro, samba, and bossa nova; Argentinian nueva canción).  At first glance, the pairing of a trumpet with guitar/voice would seem to present numerous challenges of musical balance, dynamics, timbre, phrasing, and the potential for exposing conflicting artistic sensibilities.  Fortunately, Randy Lee and Welson Tremura, as well as performing artist/music producer/audio engineer José Valentino Ruiz, possess the artistic vision and technical ability to meet these challenges and produce a highly musical recording.”


We invite you to listen to some of the songs on this album!



Double Rainbow



Villalobos Brasileiras


Mar 21-22


Feb 3-7


May 17th

upcom may 17

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