Teaching has been integral to my formation as a scholar, and something I consider to be the most important, engaging, and rewarding aspect of an academic life. My aim is to teach initiative, imagination and persistence in research, critical examination of resources and ideas, and clear, creative writing skills. Since my teaching approach is oriented towards challenging students, it seems especially important that I am able to offer guidance, assistance, and encouragement throughout the development of a course.






I provide a nurturing, friendly and professional environment by delegating assignments so that students feel their participation in the course engages everyone in a productive and open discussion and allows everyone to express himself or herself candidly and interact with each other.

Part of my creative work has been devoted to composing and to increasing performance as research as part of my vision for music and its function within national and international arenas. At the core of my philosophy for success is the belief one must give back the experience of music stemming from a human perspective of sharing values and experiences.

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